Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Smooch

So lately my life has mostly composed of school, school, and oh yeah more school. But I wondered something today while I was playing with my fish. Do fish get headaches? See, Smooch head-butts the jar trying to get at your fingers. Even now he is staring at me. It is hilarious to see him flick over sometimes to watch movies on the computer. And if I play music and dance my fingers in front of him; he really does react! (most of the time) Of course it is usually when people aren't looking. Why is that? Well anyway Smooch is doing great; he eats a ton everything I give him! Little pig. He is watching me type! And he watched the little spinner thing that was on the loading sign for the upload image. Well I have to go, have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Background

Okay so I have a new background. I like to change these kind of things so probably next month(s) I will have a new one again because there are so many out there that I like!