Thursday, October 21, 2010

Farewell to Singleness

Hannah with Meg's kids CJ and Addy.
Addy at a year old.
Lance trying on Dad's hats.
We were trying to match the plates to our shirts.
Our wonderful parents.
On the bridge at Snow falls. Scary!
Why does she not look happy she's sitting next to Amanda! Maybe because I was using her camera. He he he.

Hannah with CJ.
Self photo with dog who appears to be ignoring her.

CJ, Hannah, Megan's friend's daughter Sophie, and me playing with the crazy daisy.

CJ at Hannah's seventeenth birthday with whipped cream on his face. (Hannah on camera)

Self photo.Popham Beach. Not sure how to label this.

The last Christmas we were all together.Another self photo.This is what we ladies who do not care for football do on Superbowl Sunday.
Fellow conspirators in crime (we called them the twins.)
They even play with their earrings at the same time!
Playing ping-pong tournaments.

I've always been fond of this one.

Away we go!

Several years ago and, no they were not real cigars.
Engagement photo.
Say farewell to singleness Hannah! May your days together be many and may God grant you as many children as He pleases. God bless your union!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm blogging

Have you ever seen on facebook or twitter people put things such as 'I'm walking up the stairs.' or 'Got to do homework.' Things like that. Well right now I'm blogging. Why you say? To be quite frank I am doing something I want to do in the midst of wedding preparations; so you could say this is stolen time. Okay so I'm listening to Come Alive by BarlowGirl so I am doing a little head bobbing right now. But anyway what is the purpose for my blogging? Is it to spend some time for me? Or to focus on me? Or how about to let everyone know what I am doing? Okay deep probing question coming! How much of my time do I focus on me? Too Much! That's how much. What would you answer to; am I more important than other people? Certainly not. But deep down inside do you think more of yourself than others? I know that I do. In each human being is a sense of self interests first. That is because we are human it is human nature as my mom would say. But does that make it right? Absolutely not. As a Christian I am to deny myself pick up my cross and follow Jesus. Denying myself is not fun but it is what Jesus not asked told us to do. You may not know how to deny yourself. What takes most of my time? Well lots of things but mainly books. Reading books can be a good thing depending on the material it can be a dangerous thing but that is another subject for another time. If books take away from glorifying God by distracting me from my duties and obligations as a daughter of Christ and a daughter of my earthly father then which should fall out? Books. If books take me away from enjoying my family or cause me to not have interest in things important to my little brothers which should lose out? You know the answer by now (at least you should). Now this does not extend only to books anything that takes your time away from things of the Lord and your family can be damaging. Remember that Jesus died for you but that is not all. We are saved if we repent and believe in Him but we are called to continue in God's way to read our Bibles and to grow nearer to God and what he wants from us. Don't just take my word for it read it for yourself!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Late (as usual)

So I am late already. (Surprise, surprise.) Here we go. "I-I made enough today to last us for all of the runs; I'll freeze some to keep them fresh." She stammered in a trembling voice from weeping. A few minutes later she had composed herself enough to begin a new conversation. "Jordan I can't believe that it's finally come!" Jordan looked up from his sweeping. "I know; November went so fast while we were planning. I still can't believe Dad agreed to this." Jess paused in the midst of washing down a counter there was flour and frosting smudged on her face. "We both believe God told us to do this and after much prayer told Dad. How could he refuse?" She paused so that she could put something away on a high shelf then began again. "Are you sure Checkers and Apple will be able to make the trip?" Jordan stopped sweeping again a little annoyance creeping into his voice. "Jess we've been over this a hundred times! Yes they will make it." They cleaned the kitchen and then went to bed earlier than usual.
When Jessica's alarm went off at twelve she nearly went back to sleep after shutting it off before remembering that it was the night they had worked for, for weeks. She threw off the covers and shivered in the frigid December Maine air. Quickly Jess put on thermal underclothes and her flannel lined jeans and then a wool cardigan over a flannel shirt. She pulled on three pairs of wool socks then grabbed a bundle off her chair and sneaked quietly downstairs to the mudroom. Jordan was waiting; dressed similarly to her and carried a bundle. He already had on boots, black hat and gloves. She pulled on hers and followed him out into a cold Maine winter night.
Bad place to stop huh? Well come back next week and find out. Thanks for reading!