Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our trip to the Riley's part 1

Okay, so blogger changed things around so until I get used to the new format, my post may be a bit wacky but hang in there I will get used to it. I wanted to show you some pictures of the trip we made to our friends the Riley's house. They live way up near Jonesport. On the Sunday morning that we spent with them (their church service that day was in the afternoon) we took a boat ride.  

 Michael Riley and Ronnie, John is petting Blue and that is Mr. Riley in the background.

Mrs. Riley, Dad, and Mom who was really cold the entire trip!

It was pretty foggy when we went out but it cleared up later.

Stephen and Norman.
Told you she was cold.

Old Blue, (my favorite, he slept in my bed every night!)

The dogs kept standing on the edge of the boat!
This is one of their lobster buoys. 
Seagull in flight, unsure if John got this or if I did. I think it was me.

One of the boat controls, no idea what it does.
Okay, so there was this house on this little tiny island way out by itself! Not my ideal place of habitation.

I will be posting more pictures of our trip both on the boat and the other various things we did.


Natasha Denny said...

Thank's for sharing Emily. Looking forward to more!

Amanda said...

Some lovely photos Em! The blue sky on a couple of them is breath-taking! : )